Reuseable Packing

\Material Types: What Types Are Used?

Material selection for reusable packaging depends on the needs of the application and the benefits of the material being utilized, including wood, metals, plastics, composites, and others. Some common products that companies use are Used Wooden Pallets, IBC Totes, 55 Gallon Drums, Cardboard Boxes, Gaylord Boxes, and Bulk Pages

Reusable packaging: Where is it used today?

In manufacturing, transportation, storage, distribution, retailing, and other industries, reusable packaging is widely used.

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What industries use Reusable Packaging Solutions

Industries involved in manufacturing

  • Automotive equipment manufacturers

  • Manufacturing of industrial products, such as appliances

  • Suppliers of pharmaceuticals

  • Manufacturers and assemblers of electronics and computers

  • Manufacturers of pharmaceuticals

Industries related to food and beverages

  • Those who produce meat and poultry, as well as those who process and distribute it

  • Manufacturers and distributors of food and beverages

  • Those who produce, process, and distribute poultry and meat

  • Growers, processors, and distributors of fresh fruit and vegetables

  • Retailer of dairy products, fruits, vegetables, meat, and baked goods

  • Deliveries of dairy products and baked goods

  • Manufacturers of confectionery products

Distribution of consumer products and retail

  • ┬áChain restaurants and suppliers

  • Grocery Stores

  • Distributors of magazines and books

  • Pharmacies in retail

  • Caterers for airlines

  • Chains of department stores

  • ┬áCompanies that provide food services

  • Retailers of fast food

  • Retailers of auto parts