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Common  Questions

Zero waste: what is it?

 The zero waste philosophy emphasizes waste prevention, reducing, reusing, recycling and composting, as well as highest and best use, so less material goes to landfill.



It is possible to achieve zero waste. A zero waste program will continue to be promoted by the San Francisco Department of Environmental by advocating state legislation and collaborating with producers to develop a producer responsibility system, in which producers design better products and take responsibility for the full lifecycle of their products.

What is the best way to dispose of zero-waste products?

The products we create are either 100% recyclable or completely biodegradable, or if neither is possible, they reduce single-use plastic waste. As long as the metal is separated from the other materials in your recycle bin, it can be recycled. 

Can you give an example of zero waste management?

 Plastics should not be used for single-use

Our landfills are full of plastic cutlery, straws, plates, and cups that end up filling the bellies of sea turtles. Take along some reusable cutlery, stainless steel straws, and reusable containers with you when you go out and about.