Our story

About us

Zero Waste Association

The Zero Waste Association was formed by recyclers and companies across the United States to work toward a sustainable future. Our members consist of large fortune 500 companies and small local businesses alike

Zero Waste Mission

The conservation of all resources through responsible production, consumption, reuse, and recycling, thus ensuring that there is no burning or discharge into land, water, or air that threatens either the environment or human health.

This includes the use of reusable packaging and holding businesses accountable for their effects on the environment


Our vision

Develops products and packaging that are durable, easily recyclable, and can be reused instead of today’s one-way industrial system

  • Creates jobs from waste-based businesses

  • Asserts that producer responsibility is essential

  • Eliminates waste rather than manages it

  • Promotes the use of reused and recycled materials by ending tax payer subsidies for virgin materials.

Let’s work together

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